Sunday, December 02, 2012

Party, Party, Party!

I have officially survived another Annual Holiday Open House!  Whew, what an event!

Five years of this event, and somehow it came off without a hitch once again.  Well, if you don't count my dismount from the kitchen counter.  And the fact that I had to run the air with the windows open on November 30th.

Hubs gave me the best present ever:  he took off on Friday to help me prepare.  I'm honestly not sure how I did it in year's past without his help.  Aside from all the decorating, shopping and cleaning,  the preparation of food and cocktails is a serious feat.  I'm never quite sure how many people will drop by to share holiday cheer but I'm always pleasantly surprised to see new faces each year.

This year was no different!

I had a great opportunity to visit with previous co-workers, friends, neighbors and family... all in one night.  And a great night it was!

I swore at the beginning of the night that I would take pictures since I typically don't.  I was lucky to get in just a couple of shots before the night went underway.  Thank god - in true fashion I was far to busy hosting and visiting than documenting the fun!

So here a few shots for the memory book.

Dining Room.  Thanks Pinterest for the chandelier!

My friend Sarah's beautiful clothes!

Some of Sarah's beautiful fabrics!

Queen Seamstress Sarah!

Michelle and her beautiful jewelry

And an event isn't the same without fun and cocktails with the Gallagher Girls!

The rest of the weekend was spent putting the house back together, moving furniture and washing stemware and serving trays.  Woo hoo!

In the midst of all this fun, we somehow managed to slide in 3 basketball games.  I'm so proud of Coop and his team.  We are constantly challenging ourselves with some of the best Division 1 teams in the city and each week I'm watching the boys improve both on and off the court.  It's always an amazing thing for me to witness growth in an individual and this coaching staff certainly isn't letting me down!

We are quickly moving into the full swing of December, bringing this week Coop's Christmas Program, a holiday party with the Book Club girls and another weekend of family and friends.

'Tis the season!  Have a fantastic week, friends!

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