Sunday, April 15, 2012

Complete Love

 I'm in love.  Total, complete, unconditional love.  

We have had yet another awesomely fun packed weekend and as I sit and reflect on all we experienced, my most treasured moment was a simple, quiet, uninterrupted one.

There is absolutely nothing that comes even close to the love a grandparent feels for their grandchildren.  Nothing.  Even with as much as you love your children, holding your children's most precious gift from God in your arms, knowing they are connected to you permanently and for your lifetime... it's the most amazing feeling ever.

So short post today.  Nugget is on his way over for a day of play.  I am loving this special time with him and realize that although giving him all of my heart will hurt tremendously when they leave in a few months, I wouldn't trade these opportunities for ANYTHING.

Happy Sunday, friends!



  1. Yep, Jen! You are so right. There is NOTHING in the world that can compare to grandchildren. Mine have been so special to me even before they were born. So glad we (you and I) are able to share that first one!

  2. I am so sad that they are leaving! It is temporary, right? Love him up - he is so stinkin cute!

    1. Me too, Jen. I'm trying not to talk about it to much, because it is SO the best thing for them ever. No worries, I will take planes, trains and automobiles to get to them whenever I can! Temporary isn't really in their vocabulary...