Sunday, April 01, 2012

Favorite Brew (and Friends!)


Sometimes I fail to realize that we are in our 40's.  How the heck did that happen??

Well friends ~ a little secret.  You too can have a fun, healthy life in your 40's!

Today I joined 9 other friends (including hubs) on a 44 mile run across Kansas.  Oh holy hell, yes you read that correctly... 44 miles!!  We each had a "leg" and the theme was Brew to Brew (we ran from Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City to Free State Brewery in Lawrence).  And yes, we did go to Lawrence... unfortunately.  Even we can bite our tongues for a few hours.

I couldn't be any more proud of my Eagle Creek friends and hubs!  We covered 44 miles in 8 hours, 8 minutes, averaging an 11.3 minute mile (with two rookies, hubs who trained for a month and some of us coming out of retirement!)  We rocked it!

It wouldn't have been possible for hubs without a HUGE shout out to his surgeon, Dr. Cicc.  298 post spinal fusion days he totally rocked a 5.3 mile leg of the course.  WAY TO GO, DAVIS!

We all met at our friend Costello's house at 5:30 am to start packing up the SAV (sweet ass van).  A 7 passenger mini-van that sat 10 for our glorious event.  Yes, it's possible... somehow.

Lucky for me, I drew the 9th leg of the day.  So breakfast (post coffee) consisted of some fantastic Boulevard Wheat!  Davis and I donned tees of our favorite hops, Miller Lite.

We all awaited our first runner anxiously, JP!  She was totally geared up and ready to lead us into the fun!  Up next was TD making his racing debut!

So proud of his effort!  We met him at his finish with a cold Miller Lite.  Yep, I'd say he earned it!

Up third was McNutt, our serious runner with many marathons under her belt.  She took our longest leg but I'm pretty certain her expertise might have been better suited on a few different legs :).  Up after her was the awesomely funny Costello.  With zero training, he busted out the FASTEST 2 mile run leg with an 8 minute first mile!  Wow!!

Drunk #1 was up next, setting some serious pace for the rest of us!  A seasoned runner, she crushed an almost 5 mile leg.  We almost missed her at the pickup!  Next up was A with his adult racing debut.  He cranked out an unbelievable 3.3 mile run with nothing but SEVERE hills!  He gets extra credit for that mess!

Moving right along, Drunk #2 picked up a great leg finishing as fast as her sister!  CC brought up the 8th leg and by now the temperature has soared to high 80's with a BEATING sun!

Leg 9 was me.. I don't know what I was thinking taking that leg.  Hills the size of the Mamba.  And not just one... as many as it took to get my 4.2 miles in.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel the after affects for awhile!  The last leg was run by our fearless Captain, Phillips.  Yep, he cranked through it so fast I barely made it back to meet him in time for his finish!  

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get Parks 10 pic... by the time I saw him I didn't have my phone to take his pic (plus I was a sweaty mess!)

After we completed our race, we all moved into Lincoln Hall for more beer and dinner.  By then, we were all pretty spent and ready to get back on the road to KC (plus I was afraid I would get some kU funk on me the longer we stayed!)

Davis and I had such a great time.  I feel so blessed to have a body that allows me to exercise and be physically fit.  Not to mention all the fun I always have with my friends!

Happy Sunday, friends!


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