Monday, April 16, 2012

Kick It!

The bug has bitten... hard.  Davis is a runner!  I love it... he was such an athlete growing up and in high school and played softball when we first got married, but since then he (and we) have fallen into the regular routine of raising kids, paying bills, working careers and being unselfish, not giving enough to ourselves.  With Bubba moved out 4 years and little guy closing the gap to college, we are trying to take advantage of those moments of freedom without responsibilities and use them to take care of our bodies and our minds.  

Hubs got the green light January 8, 2012 to "resume normal activities".  We had to have quite the discussion with the surgeon, one I'm not sure he's necessarily heard before.  

Hubs:  I've taken up bowhunting, so can I draw and shoot my bow now?
Cicc:  Sure, I don't see why not.  Just listen to your body and if you feel strange twinges, stop.

Hubs:  I want to start Insanity Asylum this month, is that okay?
Cicc:  Um, sure.  Just listen to your body.  Have you ever done that before?
Hubs:  Nope.
Cicc:  Good for you!

Hubs:  I'm signed up for Warrior Dash in May. Any worries about that?
Cicc:  Um, isn't that a race with obstacles?
Hubs:  Yep.
Cicc:  Um, no worries.  Have you ever done that before?
Hubs:  Nope.

And so on and so on and so on.  Every discussion is something hubs hasn't done before.  He's taking a new lease on life and SPRINTING forward, no prisoners in his wake.

I love it.

I'm usually the one saying "Hey, let's sky dive this weekend!"  Always pushing the envelope, wanting to try new stuff.  This has been awesome to see the tide turn!

I'm pretty protective of him, though.  I'm constantly asking him how he's feeling, which I'm sure he's going to punch me in the face soon.  If he twinges or winces his eyes, I immediately want to know if it's his back.  But it never is... luckily.

So to cap off all this work, hubs made his first date with Gary Gribble and bought his first official pair of running shoes this weekend.  His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.  And this was of course after he ran his first official 5k race, Rock the Parkway, on Saturday.  And finished with his fastest time to date.


Brew to Brew, 2nd leg finish... Mr. Davis

I couldn't be more proud of him.  So lift your Miller high, sweet love.  You have earned it!  I am so proud of the work you have been exerting since January and you even entertaining me (twisting arm) in considering the half at Gobbler Grind this fall.  At least I didn't ask you to run Hospital Hill. Or the KC Marathon.  See, I'm a nice girl! :)

Love ya, hubs!


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