Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eat this, not that

There is something magic that happens when you complete a 7 mile run before noon.  You feel an amazing sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in not only completing your workout for the day but also running 7 freakin' miles!

We are onto week two of the Hill training and I am so proud of hubs and his determination!  Not only is he killing the miles (seemingly effortlessly), he is still managing our diets.  This has been the best treat ever, one he does every time I train for a long run.  By having him hijack our food, it takes all of the pressure off of me to think "hmmm, what should we eat tonight?" at 8:00 pm when I get home after little guy's practice.  Honestly, I would forgo any extra in my life to pay for this service!  This beats a housekeeper hands down!

As I type, he is finishing up slicing up a pork loin into chops and roasts for this week.  He made a GIANT batch of homemade granola, which we cannot seem to get enough.  Sweet potatoes are cooking in the oven.  Smoked chicken just came out of the smoker.  Today is our "cheat day" and I'm not even sure we are cheating anymore!  

We decided a few weeks ago that we actually could live in a big city and be "market shoppers".  We love hitting the store every day for fresh fruit and veggies, as they never seem to make it all week when we buy them on Sunday.  We have changed our shopping pattern entirely.  Instead of buying "bulk" we buy exactly what we need to eat, almost entirely eliminating the dreaded leftovers (of which we NEVER eat).  I'm feeling pretty successful with our food intake!

As we begin week 3 of our 12 week training program condensed into 6 weeks, I'm feeling pretty confident that he will be totally prepared for the big run.  We tackled some big elevation today and he pushed right through it.  Because Davis' don't walk (he agrees with our friend PParks)...

Forward we go!  Have a great week, everyone!