Thursday, April 05, 2012

Visine, anyone?

Owie.  My allergies.

I used to pick unmercifully on a great girlfriend of mine, Cbone, for constantly complaining about her allergies all the time.  ALL the time!  When she moved to Florida I thought she would get a break from them, but alas.. she still has allergies.  My main source of fun was simply because we had a significantly high amount of happy hours back in the day and I always assumed her next morning "allergies" weren't exactly the cause of her ickyness.

Much to my chagrin, I now understand what she was going through.  Unfortunately.

Which is quite weird I think.  I never, ever had allergies in my life until about 5 years ago.  Even then I had a little flare up in the fall when a specific bush would lose it's summer blooms.  But now?  I'm in full out assault mode.

My eyes itch.  They water.  They hurt.  My nose never stops running in the morning but is brutally dry all afternoon.  And itchy.  My throat hurts all morning after I get up from all the sinus draining.  Then I start coughing which makes it worse.  And when I run outside (which I prefer), it is 10 times worse.

And this is where I am MOST like my father.  I refuse to take medication.  Any kind.  I hate all of it.  It makes me feel weird, not quite myself.  I hate the foggy, not quite clear self I become.  So I try to soldier through.

For about four days.

Then I give in and take loads of medicine to try to make it go away.  And so the cycle continues.

We had 80 + degree weather for the past week in Kansas City and I was doing fantastic.  Today it is damp and 50.  Yep, not handling this well.

So I'm off to itch and bitch about how icky I feel.  Fantastic.  I love complaining... makes me feel awesome.

See, even I am a real person without rainbows and happiness abound.

Hope you aren't itchy too!


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