Friday, April 13, 2012


Yay... you know what today is?!  FRIIIII DAY!  So excited!

It's also strangely our beloved Kansas City Royals Home Opener... a game I haven't missed in 10 years!  Of course it's raining, but there could always be worse things... like sitting at a computer screen all day.

So I'm off to get drenched most likely, enjoy ice cold Miller Lites with my good friend KK who I miss terribly, and get my blue swag on.

Here is my fave list for this week!  Enjoy!


Yep, I'm a tried and true.  I vividly remember the 1985 World Series (and the ONLY) that Royals won.  I was 14. :)  Here is a pic of my G girls and one of our many Home Opener events together!


Although book club isn't until the first week of May and we are strictly told NOT to talk about our readings until then, I just cannot help myself.  On the recommendation of many women we know, my group chose 50 Shades of Grey as our book this month.  And I finished it in 4 days... would have been faster if I didn't have to do pesky things like eat, vacuum, wash clothes or sleep.  I absolutely LOVED the book.  I have already downloaded and am about halfway through the second one (it's a trilogy).  Thank god someone has finally written a book for women (or men I suppose) that ISN'T something the tweeners can flood the movies to see.  Nope, this one ranks right up there with 9 1/2 weeks!  That's all for now.. no spoiler alert for my gals that don't start until the week of book review :).


I love these e-cards.  They make me laugh out loud!  This one is particularly funny to me since hubs and I are working out and running together a  lot lately. :)

Yep, by now you all know my love of Italy.  So this week, it's gotta be Venice.  I swear I could live on that little boat, weather permitting.  Ahhh, pure bliss.


Hubs can attest that this one tops my charts.  We eat roasted broccoli exactly like this at least twice a week, more in the summer!  It's one of my complete faves and perfect way to cook it :).  Click here for the recipe:  Roasted Broccoli.


I felt this a few times last weekend on our Brew to Brew run.  And sometimes, this is the only way to push through.


As the warmer weather keeps creeping closer to KC, I'm loving all foods fresh and summery.  This one looks absolutely delightful, especially since we make our own salsa all summer anyway!  Click here if interested in the recipe:  Shrimp Salsa.


I love front porches.  It was a prerequisite of mine when we built our house that we have a front porch I can sit on, drink my coffee and just reflect.  My momma spent HOURS sitting on our porch when I was growing up, a memory I will never forget.

This one would be perfect.


I am always looking for ideas for red velvet anything.  It is one of our faves in my house!  These looked to scrumptious to pass up!  Click here for the recipe:  Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies.


Okay, I love shoes.  But I rarely buy new ones.  Because I'm cheap, and change my mind a lot and don't want to spend the money on something that will sit in my closet.  But my friend Laura and I spotted these in the window of Nine West in Atlanta this week and I fell in LOVE.  The one pic doesn't do justice either, because when you spin them you will find some beautiful mango coloring in them on the other side.  Ah, sigh.... I really, really want them!

Happy Friday the 13th, friends!  Don't walk under any ladders today!


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