Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running Travels

Ah, I love my destination runs.  They are so rewarding ~ combining my love of running with my love of traveling!  This week was a new place so I'm SUPER excited!  I will say though that I had complete separation anxiety over not blogging but I did pick up a new writing opportunity... more to come on that end!

This week I had a great opportunity to visit with an old friend (and my first Sales mentor), LL.  She lives in San Fran but had a work appt in Atlanta so I tagged along.  We had a great time catching up, laughing and being overserved.  Isn't that what girlfriends do?  Blogger is having difficulty today so I can't upload pictures just yet... I can try to update them later.

I ran a beautiful 3 mile run Monday morning (sans hubs, unfortunately) through Piedmont Park.  WOW.  The weather was a perfect 68 degrees and since it's April, the humidity was quite low.  It was absolutely fantastic to feel the warm sun on my face.

I absolutely love new places to run.  Add this now to the list of Nashville, TN, Santa Monica, CA (lots), Sarasota and Orlando, FL, Dallas, TX,  Hermiston, Oregon, Las Vegas, NV... I'm sure I'm leaving some out.  Here are two of my fave pics from those trips.

Santa Monica, California

Sarasota, Florida

We spent the rest of our time together (after the work stuff) hanging out shopping and walking the midtown Atlanta area.  I most definitely want to go back with hubs- I absolutely loved it there!  I'm sure I would sing a different tune in August!

Hope you have a great hump day, friends!  I've been missing you!


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