Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Hill?

Well, leave it to me to be a little bit onery :).  Hubs has been running now since February so I figured with the Brew to Brew and Rock the Parkway races, he would be prime to hit up for a half.  As all babies of the fam, we know EXACTLY how to get what we want.  So about three weeks ago following the euphoria (and FUN) of Brew to Brew, I dropped the bomb.

Me: He babe, what do you think about maybe running a half this fall?
Hubs:  Um, possibly.  13 miles, huh?  When are you thinking?
Me:  Oh, let's do Gobbler Grind. It's fairly flat and in November.  That gives you plenty of time.
Hubs:  Okay, I'll think about that.

So strategically I started to plan.  Bwah, hah, hah hah (wringing hands).  Our Gary Gribble visit probably clenched it, most likely.  New shoes that are custom fit ALWAYS do the trick.  They make you feel like you can run a million miles... without blisters or pain anywhere!  His first few runs in them he immediately felt better in his stride, opened up and has already knocked off almost a minute of his time, not to mention a pesky stitch in his knee has completely left!  

I got brave on Friday and pulled the Higdon training calendar for a novice.  Crap, 12 weeks.  That's right, I forgot that.  Well, from his last two races, plus those training runs, we were probably around week 4 or 5 anyway.  I mean how hard will it be to accelerate a couple of weeks?  (Smiling again)

I sent him a custom calendar with a simple question... whatcha think?

He had a very simple answer:  for Gobbler, right?

Um, not exactly.  How about Hospital Hill?

His response? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Nope, wasn't kidding.  I told him we would just run our 6 mile long run this weekend and give it a shot.  I already knew he would love it.. and I was so right!  Not only did he love it, we have registered for the run!  Woo hoo!!  I love this run... I've done it the last three years and the swag is off the hook!  The after party is a blast!

And the best part of all of it?  Now that we are "training", we are eating fantastic!  He has been pulling recipes like a mad man and writing menus, making midmeal snacks.  I am SET. This is my biggest weakness ~ food.  I do not take for granted how incredibly lucky I am to have a man that loves the kitchen and prepares most of our food.  It makes my life so much easier.

Off to eat a yummo egg salad I just watched him create.  Let the training begin (although only 6 weeks of it!)

Wish us luck!


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