Saturday, December 10, 2011

Burnin' down the House

This weekend kicks off my annual baking frenzy.  I'm a complete crazy woman when it comes to baking and making candy - 6 dozen of everything totally seems like a logical idea.  I'm not sure why I feel I have to make so much but I have been giving away goodies to my family, friends, neighbs and coworkers for as long as I have had a kitchen of my own.

I came home last night and started to clean a bit.  The usual, vacuum, dust and scour the main living area.  There is something about having a picked up space that is very important to me.  For starters, it will work FABULOUS in my Tiny House dream!  I truly can easily be minimalist - I don't have tons of furniture wall to wall or "stuff" (start laughing now gfriends, yes I have decorations but that's different).  I try to practice the one in, one out rule as best as I can (except for my clothes... whole other blog).

As I was cleaning, little guy lurked strangely, watching me.  After waiting for some time he approached me.  "Momma, are you having another party?"  I replied "no buddy, momma is just cleaning the house".  He gave me a shoulder shrug and walked off in utter confusion.

Wait... seriously?  A.  Does he think I only clean when having parties? .  B.  Does he not notice that I clean EVERY DAY?  C.  How does he think everything gets picked up around here?

Geesh.  Boys.  I am clearly NOT a very good "teaching" mom.  My kids don't really do chores, per se.  Little guy has moved laundry from washer to dryer but I'm not sure he's ever loaded the dishwasher.  Epic fail for the woman who gets him in life.  I realize I better get on it and teach him how to do chores so I can up his ante when he looks for "the one".  Our generation of women are pretty independent so I can only imagine what the next generation will look like!  I have sassy little girls all around my neighb so I know what he will be up against!

So I scoured my kitchen only to recklessly destroy it today and tomorrow.  Good thing I'm starting P90x2 AFTER my baking!!

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