Sunday, December 11, 2011

Liar, Liar

I love sociopaths.  They are such cool people to watch in life.  They walk around with their own versions of truth, making up what they need to make themselves either A. look good in the eyes of others or B. cover up their own life misfortunes.  I have had a couple of these in my life.  They never cease to amaze me.  They walk the planet seemingly normal, have friends, marriages, family.  But oh the deception!  They will flat out lie to your face and everyone they know with such conviction that sometimes it's hard to tell they are lying.

Friends - don't be fooled.  These people are amongst us all.  They will widdle their way into your life or someone you love.  And when they do, they are POISEN. They are basically the scum of the earth.  Born with ZERO moral compass, they work like cancer and can destroy entire lives with just their presence.  And they never, ever, ever stop.  They burrow like a mite into your life and often cannot be detected.

For those of you that haven't experienced this delightful person yet, here is the definition:

Individuals with this disorder have little regard for the feeling and welfare of others. As a clinical diagnosis it is usually limited to those over age 18. It can be diagnosed in younger people
if the they commit isolated antisocial acts and do not show signs of another mental disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder is chronic, beginning in adolescence and continuing throughout adulthood. There are ten general symptoms:

not learning from experience
no sense of responsibility
inability to form meaningful relationships
inability to control impulses
lack of moral sense chronically antisocial behavior
no change in behavior after punishment
emotional immaturity

lack of guilt

People with this disorder may exhibit criminal behavior. They may not work. If they do work, they are frequently absent or may quit suddenly. They do not consider other people's wishes, welfare or
rights. They can be manipulative and may lie to gain personal pleasure or profit. They may default on loans, fail to provide child support, or fail to care for their dependents adequately. High risk sexual behavior and substance abuse are common. Impulsiveness, failure to plan ahead, aggressiveness, irritability, irresponsibility, and a reckless disregard for their own safety and the safety of others are traits of the antisocial personality.

I'm lucky to know one of these right now so I've bolded the traits they display which are consistent with this definition.  Yeah me.  I'll tell you one thing - they LOVE drama even though they claim to avoid it!

I have another term to call her:  CRAZY BITCH.  It's much more fitting, I think. :)


  1. Oh, I'd LOVE comments on this post! No worries FRIENDS, if we are friends, you know it. If I HATE you, you know that too! There is no doubt where my loyalties lie. Unlike the idiot displayed above, my life is full of TRUTHS. I have no need to lie to try to look better (as if that would be hard in this case anyway).

  2. I love this post. Such an incredibly fitting name, there at the end. I looked up another article on Sociopaths after I read this and the resemblance is amazing. Such an incredible likeness. Delusional and ignorant fit somewhere in there. <3 You!

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