Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Ah, Christmas Eve at last!  Our house has been a buzz for many weeks now, rushing in presents quickly to avoid snooping eyes, baking dozen upon dozen of delicacies and drowning in wrapping paper and ribbon.  Soon it will all be fun memories and pictures capturing the moments.

Little guy followed me all around last night asking questions.  "When can I open a present again, momma?  What time is Bubba coming over?  Is he bringing his Playstation 3 again?  What time will Granny be here?" and on and on and on.  His excitement is boiling over ~ he couldn't hide it if he tried!

When I tucked him in bed last night, he reminded me that we will need to remember all of our Family Traditions on Christmas Eve and Day.  Yes sweet boy, I remember.

I am so lucky that both of my sons are genuinely sweet and sentimental.  Oh sure, Bubba huffs and puffs about hating Christmas.  He says it was no fun as a kid being drug from family to family to family events.  But thanks to my beautiful daughter in law, they have adopted lots of my traditions for other holidays and share them with their little guy, too!

But for little guy, his strict engineer type mind tells him we have to follow the paths previously driven.  We have to open one present on Christmas Eve (usually jammies).  We have to prepare Santa's plate and stuff for the reindeer (even though I'm sure he doesn't believe anymore, he would never, ever SAY that out loud so Santa continues to come for him..).  We have to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas all together in his bed.  We say thanks to God for our blessings and he's out like a light.  Christmas morning, without fail, we awake with a giant thump as he dives head first onto our bed to wake us up.  Yes ~ my 5'3" little guy will dive onto my bed like a little kid.  And I'm so thankful for it!

I'm going to take a few minutes to enjoy my coffee, soak up the quiet atmosphere and take a LONG hot shower before everyone arrives.  It will be a day of fun, no doubt.  Flip the tube, Davis!

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