Sunday, December 04, 2011

Palin's World

Geesh~ my addictive tendencies never cease to amaze me.  After a busy Thanksgiving holiday, tearing down fall and putting up Christmas decorations and throwing my annual open house, I decided to take the day off today and just veg out.  I very rarely get to do this activity.  MAYBE four times a year.  I still woke at 6:30 but after brewing my coffee, I settled into my chair and watched a movie.  BOTH dogs were on my lap (which if you know my dogs, it was impossibly crowded).  Nonetheless, I spent the next few hours sleeping on and off and it was delightful.  

My day really didn't change after that.  I read, moved from chair to couch to chair several times and didn't get out of my jammies until I showered at 5:30 and put new ones on.  Ah, the life.  I wish I could do this more often but then again I doubt I would appreciate it nearly as much if I did.  

Back to my addictions... I was flipping through the channels after watching 4 movies and found Alaska State Troopers on National Geographic.  It's pretty much COPS but being set only in Alaska, it focuses significantly on the weather and darkness.  It's really unbelievable - winters down to 50 degrees below 0 and only 3 hours of daylight a day.  TONS of alcohol related events and suicides that time of year.

Needless to say ~ I watched the damn show for HOURS and HOURS.  I am not really even certain how many hours I watched it but I'm officially hooked.  I'm even watching the new season opener and I'm in love with it.  GREAT, not another show!  Thank God Nat Geo is On Demand now so I can try to catch it that way if I miss the first showing.  I don't watch Desperate Housewives anymore so I guess it's a good alternative.

I have learned something today.  Our Tiny House will CERTAINLY not be in Alaska!  I couldn't take the cold and darkness!

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