Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jiggle All the Way

Ah, the holidays.  An abundance of food everywhere you turn.  Every day we get a note that another vendor has brought in a basket of crap for us to descend upon and consume in one second.  Every night I go home and bake more cookies (because 20 dozen just isn't enough), or I frost, glaze or bag something sweet.  My expanding waistband is feeling very "Claus"y this year.

I pre-purchased P90x2 but can't seem to even open the DVDs yet.  I just know that I will feel an epic failure if I do start the program and 9 days in, fall off the wagon.

So I have some jiggly parts.  Oh well.  Little guy calls me "squishy".  Isn't that nice?  Even the dogs keep burrowing their heads into my belly when on the couch since it's the softest part of me.  I can't even blame the kids - they are way to old for me to have residual baby fat.

I guess I'll just keep snacking away hoping somehow that some of won't be absorbed to my ass.  Or my thighs.  Or my gut.  Maybe I should just throw in the towel and exercise?  Nah - no time for that... gotta go frost something.

I'm every personal trainers DREAM, I'm sure!


  1. we are three days into p990x2, its not as bad as i remember the first one being - so far. that picture looks exactly like my midline right now though!

  2. Awesome Wooster! That's not me of course but it is pretty darn close! UGH! I'll start soon.. somehow :)