Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Conjunction Junction, What's your Function?

Don't you just hate the saying "same page"?  I really hate it ~ well, hate most of those business type sayings.  "The net net result is in the red".  Eww.  "That product is right in our wheelhouse".  Whatever.

But in a marriage, it is fairly important to be on the same page (fine, I'll use the dumb saying).  Both parties striving towards common goals (or sometimes just getting through day to day in a similar manner and understanding).

I fell asleep last night after reading a bit more of my newest book, Miss Minimalism while hubs was downstairs researching hunting licenses.  Sometimes we are not exactly in the same place at exactly the same time.  And that's totally okay ~ it's called compromise.  Besides, we do always say that only one of us is allowed to go nuts at one time.  It is quite interesting when we both do it together :).

See, I've got a plan.  And it's a LONG term goal, not a short term goal.  I don't want all this "stuff".  Sure, I want some stuff.  I just don't need all this extra stuff.  It seems so frivolous to have 28 Santa statues, or bowls and bowls of shells and corks or anything else I "collect".  Of course I love them!  But do I really need them?  These are the questions bouncing around in my head of late.

I've blogged about age a zillion times, but it still holds true in this blog as well.  I think like a 50 year old (notice I didn't say ACT).  I'm a grandmother!  So I'm looking towards the slowing down portion of my life, the simplified me.  And I'm really excited about what I foresee.

Hubs on the other hand?  After suffering the past 3 years with back injuries resulting from years of driving and unloading trucks, he has undergone 2 surgeries and is feeling like a 20 year old again.  He is ready to take on challenges he couldn't contemplate before.  He wants to get back to his grandpa's roots and hunt.

I love adventure sometimes more than the next girl but hunting?... not exactly.  I'm a thrill seeker ~ I want adrenaline.  Sitting all day in a tree stand would make me poke my eyes out.  I am just WAY to impatient.

So as I'm considering small movement towards downsizing and minimizing my "stuff", hubs is collecting.  Hunting requires a lot of stuff, as you may or may not know.  Not just one coat and pants, but seasonal, camo style and type of hunt (duck, deer, etc).  Then comes the weapons... I can't even talk about that right now.

I fear we will just outweigh each other ~ I'll take stuff out, he'll bring stuff in.  Ah, the compromise of marriage.  That's okay, I've had enough stuff to fill the house for the last 20 years... I guess it's really his turn.  He may get his Man Cave sooner than he thought!

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