Friday, December 30, 2011

My Hall Pass has Expired

This is it. The binge eating is almost over. It's time to eat smarter and work harder (which will be a huge feat, since I'm doing neither). I gave myself a Hall Pass... And time is up.

I wasn't very nice to my body this year. Sure, I think I looked pretty good. But I'm honestly not sure it was worth it.

I did P90 with a great friend and motivator at the beginning of the year. We KILLED it! We both lost weight but more importantly, lots of core inches. 70 days in, I started training for a marathon. Yikes. For those of you that have never trained for long distance, its HARD on your body. Oh sure it has it's upside- I was chowing 2,700 calories a day and LOSING weight. But man, nobody can prepare you for the aches and pains. It's seriously tough.

After the run, I took 6 weeks off because of a strained IT band, did some PT, and on a delusion I signed up for another marathon. Yep, glutton for punishment.

God had another plan. I got sick. Rampant infection- actually three simultaneously- courses through my veins. 4 specialists, an ER trip and multiple primary doc visits ended in huge bills and another 3 months off exercise. Suffice it to say I didn't make the second marathon.

What I've learned about all of this is fairly simple. You can push to far. You must listen to your body. I was so depressed I couldn't exercise that I got seriously depressed. And then... I ate. And I gained.

I haven't gained it all back, not even close. But nonetheless, I am disappointed in myself.

Bubba leaves for bootcamp in June and I'm determined to get back to health. If not for me, for him. He's working hard to prepare himself so I'm going to join him in the effort. It's the least I can do for myself.

So January 1st, P90x2 begins. I've got the tools, I've stocked the fridge and I have an amazing support system at home. Thank god, I'm gonna need it!

How will you improve yourself in the new year?

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