Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hangin' to the Right

I am SO not ready for winter in Kansas City.  When I opened my eyes this morning hubs greeted me with an "it snowed" comment.  Great.  I've lived here my entire life and all of us Kansas Citians know that when the first sign of precip hits the ground, drivers FREAK out.  All highways come to a standstill.  Idiots slide through intersections and slam into each other.  Nightmare to navigate.

Kansas City is virtually a perfect square and the most populated suburbs surround it equally on all sides.  Suffice it to say that there really isn't much of an opportunity to "go around" traffic.  Sure you can duck off side streets and try to avoid it a bit but it doesn't usually get you very far before you have to get back to a main artery.

I have two things typically going for me at this point.  1.  I live east of the city.  2.  I don't have to drive into the city any longer, I only have to drive southwest about 18 miles.  Yeah, that seemed to matter this morning.

My 18 mile drive took me an hour and forty minutes.  Yep you read that right:  1:40!  STUPID!  The ground was virtually dry with a few spots of accumulation on the shoulders.  Still - no movement.  Oh, and no reason either.  No accidents that I could tell/see.  No movement.

I am so not wired for this activity.  I want to STAB someone when I have to sit in traffic.  Seriously - what a humongous waste of time and energy (not to mention gas). 

I watched my neighb pass me by about half way to work and called him, informing him when the weather gets REALLY crappy he would be my new ride to work.  He responded with a "sure, but I work from home when it gets bad".  That's not gonna help me much.

So even though the Saab has a winter mode (go ahead and insert jokes now - I've heard them all) and even though she was made in SWEDEN, she's a total bitch on crappy roads.  Won't move.  No clearance whatsoever.

It's gonna be a great winter!  IT'S THE PEDAL ON THE RIGHT, MORONS!

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