Monday, December 19, 2011

Spell in Out

As we wrap up the first semester of school, little guy always has a lot of projects, reports and "stuff" to complete before the Christmas break.  This weekend was no exception.  He had an informational book report, a Santa story he had to make up and some studying to do.  We are blessed with a fairly strong academic kiddo - he studies hard and as a result his grades are always good.  I sometimes forget how much his success means to him.

This morning as he was eating his breakfast, I slid his spelling words over to him to look over.  I know that he knows them, with a few exceptions he has always done very well in spelling.  This time it's different though.  Now that he is in 4th grade he is eligible to participate in the Spelling Bee.  I should have seen this one coming.

He instantly burst into tears.  "Mom, I haven't studied enough for the test!" he exclaimed.  Really buddy?  You know these words honey.  No, apparently not enough.  He begged me to take him to school in the car rider line so he could have an extra 15 minutes to study.  He poured over the words, spelling them out loud over and over again.  He was clearly stressed.

Hubs and I are both very competitive but this level of determination I cannot fathom sometimes.  He is so strong willed to succeed in everything he attempts.  So much so he pushes himself to the brink sometimes.  I wonder where he gets this attribute?  We have never pushed him, have no big expectations of him.  Still, he pushes and pushes himself.

I can get this way sometimes but in my everyday life I usually take a step back.  I am confident where I need to be and self aware when I know my limitations.  I think that's it though - he doesn't want any limitations at all!

So big prayers for little guy today as he goes into taking the Spelling Bee prequalifier.  Go get 'em, big guy!!

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  1. FUN! Let me know how he does! Good luck buddy!