Tuesday, March 20, 2012

90 Day Waiting Period

I can't believe it is already here.  90 days until my son's departure to the Navy.  Wowzers.

Jeremy joined the Navy October 25, 2011 and entered into the DEP program (delayed entry program).  Although he IS officially in the Navy, that truly doesn't finalize until the completion of bootcamp.  By entering through the DEP he was able to buy additional time with his family and make plans.  Therefore, although he is only known as "Future Sailor Cunningham", he still attends all required meetings and training sessions at our local training facility until his departure.

It's hard to believe we are only 90 days out.  It will certainly be here before we know it.

Hubs and I couldn't be more proud of both of our kids.  Ever since they enlisted the decisions they have made have been perfect.  They decided to save money and move in with family since they will be departing at different times to their stationed location.  They have been feverishly paying off student loans and debt to ensure a smoother transition.  They are making future plans as best as they can.

My eyes tear up with his impending departure.  I love to pick up my phone and hear his voice.  "Hey mom, what's up?"  I think I need him to call me and leave me messages so I can hear his voice when he leaves.

I have a lot of friends that sent their kids to college.  Same thing, right?  Not exactly.  Not only will I not see or speak to my son for 2 months during bootcamp but once his transition is complete he will not live here any longer.  I think that's the hardest part for me.  I can get through all the beginning stuff but the end result will be no longer living in the same state as my son.  And my daughter.  And my grandson.

So I pray a lot.  And cry, sometimes, when I get overwhelmed.  I ask God to allow my pride to overcome my fears.  I thank Him for giving my son such clear direction.  I ask Him to protect my daughter's heart and allow her to feel pride as well and not sadness over Jer leaving.  I pray she will have strength being a single mother until they can be reunited.

Today is a bit heavy but I am ever mindful that this opportunity will prove to be beneficial to this precious family.

I love you, Bubba!


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