Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Soccer Mom's Unite

And we're on to the next sport!

For those of you that don't know my little guy, I'll give you a few pointers.

First up, when he came home from the hospital there was a Mizzou football in his bassinet.  By the age of 3, he was religiously watching SportsCenter with his daddy (who was a stay at home daddy for 4 years... which explains a lot).  By age 5, he could recite passing yards, rushing yards and sack counts on the majority of NFL players (meaning EVERY team, not just our home team).  By age 8, he would opt for Mike and Mike in the morning instead of cartoons before school.  He has perfected the sport of Bracketology and fills out 7 different versions every year.  He watched one practice of lacrosse and wants me to sign him up.  Yep, it's safe to say he is quite the sport fanatic.

And not just one sport.  He loves ALL sports.  If you can keep score, have a winner and chart progress, he is watching it.

At age 5 we signed him up for Tiny Tot Football in our city.  I don't know WHAT we were thinking.  He was trying to run plays out of a huddle when all they wanted him to do was try to line up on the line of scrimmage.  Immediately following football season, he signed him up for basketball.  Ugh.  Found a great little Christian league that we thought would teach him some religion at the same time since we are an EPIC fail in that department.  Three weeks in the head coach pretty much quit coming to practice, so the assistant coach had to take over.  Yep, that would be me.  You can deduce how that went.

Up next came baseball.  Bubba was in his Junior year of high school and played on the Varsity baseball team, so this was quite amusing.  Fast paced, fast moving high school team to a t-ball game.  Double ugh.

And so the rotation has remained since, until...

Two years ago the World Cup became a US sensation.  Our city has always been huge supporters of soccer but neither one of my kids has ever mentioned actually playing (we made Bubba play when he was 5 and he HATED it).  So much to my excitement, Coop watched literally EVERY SECOND of the World Cup series.  All of it.  By the end, he could critique the teams and players and was spouting stats all over the house.

Why as a matter of fact YES, Mizzou Journalism School IS in his future!  Thanks for asking!!

Getting to my point... oh yeah, we signed him up for rec soccer last year.  We told him it was a bit wimpy (sorry soccer moms) and that he might not like it.  It was sort of a girl sport.

So of course you know we have signed up for a second year.  He absolutely LOVED it.  He was goalie, primarily because he's so freakin' tall.  Hence his new nickname...

Onward, soccer lover!


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