Thursday, March 15, 2012

Luck of the Redneck

Sometimes I can act so much like a kid.

Hubs and I have a date this weekend, sans little guy.  I couldn't be more excited!  We try to do something at least once a month with each other and send Coop off to Granny and Pooh's house.  We are so incredibly lucky to have them and we know it!  Little guy absolutely LOVES visiting them ~ they are such a huge part of his daily life.

So for our March we shall be celebrating one of my faves ~ St. Patrick's Day!  I just love the Irish.  I'm not sure if it's the volumes of green beer, the bagpipes (which I ADORE) or all the drunken Irishmen.  Or Wannabe Irishmen, I suppose.  I can't really talk - I'm true diversity.  I've got a little of everything in me but unfortunately, no Irish (to my knowledge).  That must be a mistake I'm sure.  I am the baby of the family and I'm certain unplanned, so I suppose anything is possible!  I just take liberty on my son's Irish heritage from the ex's side of the family even though I hate the ex (at least he gave him one cool thing!)  And it's even cooler that my daughter is Scottish, so we get the whole rivalry thing in the mix!

We are going to act like 21 year olds all day Saturday.  St. Pat's parade downtown, lots of Irish food and beers and awesome music and then end the night with a Jason Aldean concert.  Wait... what?  Oh yeah... I can just see it now.  The concert venue is across the street from the popular Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City and it will be FILLED with drunken wannabe Irish lovers.  And rednecks.  Awesome.

I thought about my wardrobe for the day and have to admit a green John Deere t-shirt might be the only solution I can muster. 

The good news is we rented a room downtown.  No driving for this couple! 

I am so jazzed I can barely stand it.  It shocks me most days that we have been married almost 19 years and still have this passion.  Oh don't get me wrong - we passionately THROW DOWN some days, too!  But we are fortunate that this part of our marriage, the best friend part, has always been strong.  Even when we don't like each other much :).  We always have fun together!

Happy Thursday, friends!



  1. Love you, Jen. Have a blast. The last time we went to the parade which must have been 20 years ago and my brother got a DWI (he was a cop). We had fun up until then.
    I would give anything to have another St. pat's day with him and keep him sober. Miss that guy.

    1. I bet, Jean. That's why we are staying in a hotel downtown. Much safer than trying to drive after that much fun!