Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fork Me, I'm SOLD!

One of the things I have truly loved since joining my new firm last summer is the massive array of dining choices within 10 miles of the office.  The first few weeks I was just thrilled with all of the new selections but as per usual, I fell into a routine and tend to dine at the same 4 or 5 restaurants anytime I go out.

Not yesterday!

I had the opportunity to hit a new spot, for me anyway.  It's a concept, local restaurant owned by none other than Sheridan's.  Yes, as in the ICE CREAM!  

The name of this fabulous joint is Unforked, and they use the UN throughout their mission statement, core values and menu choices.  The BEST part about them? All of their ingredients are hormone and steroid-free.  They have gluten free options on the menu.  And EVERYTHING they prepare is purchased locally, straight down to the Shatto Milk.    

At first it was impossible to choose.  Everything on the menu seemed so incredible.  Plus I was WAY overdue for my normal feedathon schedule.  My friend recommended the kale salad.  She had just had it with her book club that week and was already craving it again.  What a great sign!  Here is the actual description:  

Hail the Kale 
Fresh ribbons of kale lightly tossed with parmesan cheese, toasted bread crumbs and lemon olive oil dressing

They had two fish specials for the day - Ahi Tuna in some kind of wasabi and mango slaw and panko breaded tilapia in a spiked slaw.  What I didn't know is that they were in tacos!  Either wheat, flour or corn tortillas.  Oh yummo!  Since specials I can't post the exact description but I'm sure you get the point.

To help weigh out our healthy selections of kale and fish, we just HAD to order one of their specialties, Fundido Fries.  Oh help me...

Fundido Fries
K Fries (Golden brown Kennebec potatoes, hand cut, fried, sprinkled with pure ocean sea salt  topped with queso, crispy bacon crumbles

And of course, no meal is complete without ice cream, right?  The special of the day?  Lemon Lush Concrete - vanilla custard with whole lemon bars blended in.  Oh yeah, baby!

Anyone looking for a new place to eat that hasn't been here absolutely MUST visit.  Heads up - it's quite popular!  We arrived at 12:45 and had to wait for a seat.  It's not a very big place but definitely one of a kind.  The decor is awesomely modern and fun!

I'm in love.  I may have to scoot over there next week for some more.  Like all good eats, when I find something I love I have to visit until I try as many menu items as possible.

Can't wait to get back there again!  If you want more info for yourself, please follow this link:  Unforked Restaurant

Have a great Saturday, friends!!


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