Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jo Jo!

Great, I'm a fantastic furry kid owner.  Jackson's birthday was last Thursday and I'm just now remembering it.  Yikes.  Well, at least it wasn't one of the two legged kids.

Jacks hit the big 13.  Wowzers.  Time sure flies.  I can't believe it has been that long since we drove in the sideways, driving rain all the way to Stet, Missouri (yeah, look it up.  I didn't know where it was either!) to pick him out of a litter.  Purebred labs, my coworker tells me.  She owns the mom and the dad.  

When we arrive at the farm there is a fenced area with pups inside.  Oh my gosh, they were absolutely darling!  We sat and played with them for over an hour, honestly falling in love with them all.  But we choose Jack (well, hubs did really) because he was the calmest of the litter.

And that he is.  Jack has honestly been the most calm, independent and loyal pup from the first day we brought him home.  He totally submitted to his older sister Abbey from the moment they met, allowing her to continue to rule the roost.  He went to puppy obedience school and completely bowed down to the little puppies (should have seen the chihuahuas.. .they were so confused).  He has never bitten a soul, or snapped at them for that matter.  Although some could attest that he resembles a great white shark when he jumps up for a treat and shows his fangs.

Of late, he's been taking glucosamine to help with the arthritis in his back hips and legs.  He's graying around his eyes and mouth.  He spends a lot of time napping (when he isn't eating).  He's slowing down.

Happiest birthday, Jackson!  We sure love you, Bear in the Big Blue House!


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