Sunday, March 25, 2012

Look in behind the Closed Doors!

Yay me... I totally DID it!  I opened one cabinet door and decided it was time.  Time to clean it out.

Little did I know it would feel so good and I would have NO ability to stop.  If it weren't for dinner being ready, I would have stayed up all night.

I opened up my first cabinet.  I actually hate this one - it's my "cup" cupboard.  It is NEVER organized, no matter how hard I try.  Wanna take a shot at why?  Hmmm... could it possibly be because I have to much CRAP?!?  Why exactly would a family of 3 people need this many glasses??

It was to the point that when we opened the doors, something would fall out.  The biggest culprit obviously was the sports bottles.  WAY to many... seriously.

I don't really think I'm a hoarder (at least not as bad as my familial predecessors) but I do seem to over accumulate certain things.  My main justification is that the item is "totally usable".  And that is correct - it is.  I just don't have to own it!

So to work I go, sorting, deciding what we like to use, what we hate to use, what doesn't have a lid.  Oh, and don't you just love the quasi-pharmacy I have sitting on the right?  Geesh!  BTW - three of those medications were expired.  Oh lord help me.

This is about the time hubs walks in the door....

Ahhh?!  What is happening here! Oh yes, Davis is cleaning.

End result?  A much more usable space.  Realizing I don't have to cover ever single square inch of the inside of a cabinet (or a shelf, or a counter, etc.)  Not only organized, but freeing.  Plus I filled two entire boxes for Goodwill.  I felt so awesome.

It felt so great, I continued on.  I cleaned out a smaller cabinet to the left of this one, our "plates" cabinet, the tupperware cabinet and our bowl cabinet.  I can't believe I didn't start this process earlier. Nobody absolutely NEEDS 30 plates (which I had).  Oh, and to make it even more fun... I had plates from my mother, my mother in law, my first marriage, hubs and I's registry (1 place setting), our first set of dishes from our first year together (19 years ago) and our current set.  Geesh.

I think the "downpairing" process won't be nearly as bad as I had envisioned it to be (love this term - found it on one of my tiny house blogs).  When it is just hubs and I, our list of NEEDS will be so much smaller than even now with little guy at home.  I can hardly wait!

How much "stuff" do you really need?

Happy Sunday, friends!


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