Monday, March 05, 2012

90's DID ROCK!

As a self proclaimed 80's FREAK, it is not very often that I think about Bubba's generation of music.  It was filled with grunge bands, sullen and sad with craptastic hygiene.  I guess I shouldn't really say I love all music because that would be the primary exception.  I just couldn't stand all that suicidal music.

What I was forgetting was all the FUN 90's music!  Little guy and I went to Lamar's on Sunday for our quarterly donut fix and on our way home we found a radio station playing the Big Hits of the 90's.  Holy CRAP!  We had so much fun (well, truthfully mostly ME) singing at the top of our lungs, song after song.  It was so great we flew in the door, threw on the home stereo, and continued to sing and dance.  So for your listening enjoyment, I've thrown up so LINKS to the oldies but goodies!  Make sure to click on them so you can hear the music!

First hit up... Mmm, Bop by Hansen.  "Momma, are you SURE these are boys singing this song?"  HA!  "Yes, Coop... these are boys alright."

Throw in some House of Pain, Jump Around.  We are both bouncing around the kitchen like little kids (oh wait... he is a little kid!)

Hubs enters the room right at the beginning of Naughty by Nature's, O.P.P.  Davis starts groovin' like all 40 + year old men and in an attempt to be sexy, I try to squat behind him ripping a GIANT hole in the butt of my jeans.  Yeah, I'm that cool.  Too bad you don't get a pic of THAT disaster!

And the hits just kept on coming.  Madonna's Vogue, Marky Mark's Good Vibrations, Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby.  I was in Heaven.

So props to the musical talents of the 90's, even if you were only one hit wonders.  The Davis' love ALL of you!

(And although he totally tries to deny it, Bubba as a child of the 90's totally loved these hits as well.  As he tries to be cool and swear he was only listening to Metallica, I totally know that is untrue since he was 1-9 years old in that decade!  Good try Bub, Metallica came a little later for you. 

Mmm, BOP!  Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Peanut and I heard Summer Girls by LFO on Sunday and we were jammin' out in the car too.... (Okay, mostly me).