Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weight a Minute!

I have heavy boots.  Nope, I'm not sad.  I just have some extra baby weight hanging around.  Oh yeah, we can't say that 10 years later, can we?  Maybe it's Nugget sympathy weight.  Well, he's almost 2, so maybe that won't work either.  Ugh.

I hate when I get in a slump fitness wise.  It happens to me at least once a year, where I just cannot seem to motivate myself to get off the couch.  Oddly enough, it usually happens in the winter.  Hmmm... I wonder why?

But no real great excuses this winter.  Our winter has been fantastically mild.  So I can't use that either.

I wonder how many hours I spend making up excuses?  I'm sure I could crank out a few thousand sit ups in that time.

I guess the only good news about working out is that it is always waiting for you to start again.  Of course starting wouldn't be so hard if I never stopped, but I digress.

Hubs and I started running together about a month ago.  It has been awesome, even on days when we aren't exactly "together" the entire time.  He motivates me from his pure drive and determination post back surgery to meet his new found goals.  He even did 30 days of Insanity Asylum, which I tried one day and about died.  Even when he doesn't necessarily feel great he still works his exercise plan.  Geesh, I wish I could find that right now.

I can't just stick to the running much longer.  We are t-minus 45 days to Warrior Dash and I have to have some upper body strength to hurl myself over those damn walls and climb cargo nets.  I gotta get with it, and pronto!

Oh, and did I tell you my gym is closing?  Yeah, awesome news.  End of this week, no notice to members (heard via my aerobic class club).  Nice.  The good news is they are transferring our membership to another local gym so I'll give that a shot.  I have GOT to lift something other than coffee to be ready for the throw down.  Davis is going down - there is no WAY I will let him beat me!

So no excuses today, friends.  Get movin'.  20 minutes is all you need to maintain where you are right now.  GET UP!

Have a great one!


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