Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marital Bliss

Hubs and I had the BEST weekend!  It's so awesome to realize how much fun can be had in your own town!

We met a group of friends Friday for the Mizzou game at a local bar and grill.  Unfortunate loss, but fun was found!

McNutt, me and PB

Little guy was off to the BEST grandparent's in the world for a day of fun Saturday after an Orange Crush soccer win.  They are absolutely fantastic - I don't say it near enough.  They attend absolutely EVERYTHING Coop does at school, sports... even took him to a birthday party for us on Saturday!  I love how much dedication they have to not only the little guy, but to our marriage as well.  They know the keys to success to being married forever!

While buddy was off having his fun, we went off to have our own!  Kansas City has a great St. Pat's day celebration because we have a huge Irish population.... not.  We just really like to drink green beer, apparently.

We hit the Power and Light District after the parade and the party was WELL underway!  Gotta love the one lone green haired girl dancing!

We ate lunch at the Dublinger, a new restaurant that just moved into the old Raglan Road spot in the District.  Food was good and we caught a great band, The Shanks.  We ended lunch with an Irish dancer.

The Shanks

Back outside, we heard an AWESOME local band, Dolewite.  They were incredible, playing all my favorite 80's dance music like Beastie Boys, Naughty by Nature, Fugees and Run DMC.  Davis and I were dancin' fools!!  We even stopped the jello shot girl!


Ahh, scary!

Opting NOT to drive after the festivities, we walked back to our hotel stopping at our favorite dive bar, The Zoo.  This place is a little unknown nugget in downtown Kansas City.  It's not to be found unless you know it!  Let's be clear on this - this is a TOTAL dive!  It's basically the size of a large hallway, with about 12 bar stools.  Oh wait - they have expanded and added a 12x12 room on the back for the pool table.  I'm certain the Kansas City Health Department has never been to this place.  Oh, and you can buy CANS of beer for $2!  The best part?  They always have boxes of donuts, cinnamon rolls and a crock pot full of something in the back for the patrons... and it's FREE.  The special this day was chili, with sleeves of crackers laying on the bar.  I didn't know you could put Spagettio's in chili but apparently you can... with meatballs.

We ended the night at the Luke Bryan / Jason Aldean concert.  Nothing like a sea of green, drunk St. Pat's partiers to mix with the cowboys!  We had great seats and the show was fantastic.  I asked Davis "Hey, do you think Luke Bryan is married?"  His response?  "I don't know, but YOU are!"  Touche, Mr. Davis!

Eating breakfast with a bunch of hungover college kids from Minnesota was entertaining.  Hubs actually watched a kid with one hand down the front of his sweat pants carrying his plate waiting for his waffle to finish cooking.  Most of them didn't have on shoes or bras.  Poor kids.  It's a long way home to Minnesota feeling THAT way!

I can't wait until April... I wonder what trouble we can find by then?

Happy Sunday, friends!



  1. Your blog always makes me smile.
    Love you, Jen

  2. Just found your blog - thanks to PB for the Little Friends shout-out. I love that you and Hubs had such a great day, and on one of the best days of the year!

    1. Glad you found me! I love writing.. It's a great outlet for me. Thanks for reading!