Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And... BREAK!

Ah, Spring Break in Kansas City.  What fun can be had!  Little guy has had some time with his big brother, Granny and Pooh and at the end of the week, he gets two whole days with DAD!  They are both so excited, although I'm sure it has a lot to do with the endless amount of basketball to be watched those two days.

The principal of my little guy's school is so awesome.  Everyone loves her, kids and adults alike.  But every once in awhile, I think she's been in the educational system to long and forgets how to connect with us working families.

When she distributed our last note before Spring Break (1 week and 1 day, by the way... plus we get off again at Easter), she told us parents to "Enjoy our time off for rest and relaxation with our kids".  Hmmm, does she understand that not everyone in the world gets (or takes) off for Spring Break? 

Personally, I have never taken off Spring Break.  Sure, I get the fever like everyone else!  But have you ever tried to get into a restaurant during Spring Break?  Have you ever tried to board a plane during Spring Break?  It's NOT the easiest of all tasks with kids running around everywhere!

I had lunch with a good friend recently who sent her 13 year old son to New York City with a friend and his father for Spring Break.  In all fairness, the father does travel quite a bit to NYC to conduct business, so it's not as though he is a rookie in that area.  I asked her if she was worried about him traveling that distance and spending the week there.  Nope, it will be fine.  Ahhh!  I would just DIE.  It's not like Chicago or anything - NYC is an extremely busy place! 

Jokingly, I told her she better get ready... he's going to expect this treatment every Spring Break.  Her comment?  Yep, he already does.  At 13.  Oh my.

I'm thankful my little guy doesn't expect lavish trips to New York City for Spring Break.  He likes playing Modern Warfare with his brother.  He likes going on adventure hikes with his Granny and Pooh.  And he will LOVE watching basketball with his daddy.  Yep, he still calls him daddy.

As a sidenote - it is the most beautiful weather in Kansas City right now.  Today we are expecting it to hit 80 degrees, almost the all time record of 82.  In March!  The top is definitely coming off of sassy on the way home (get your minds out the gutter!)

Enjoy your day!

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