Sunday, March 04, 2012

Big Night Out

Hubs and I ventured downtown last night with little guy to hit the College Basketball Experience.  For those readers that don't live in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri, it is an awesome interactive museum and is awesome for lovers of all things basketball.  Kids (and their parents) get to shoot 3 pointers, free throws, do pass drills, practice dunking (we spent a LOT of time in this particular drill) and play some 3 on 3.  Not to mention founders circle, the mentors circle and ongoing highlight reels of past games.

Coop was in his element.  Two hours in and he was ready for another two hours.  He wouldn't talk to me leaving the building because he was mad it was time to go.  Yep, he loved it.

I of course thought twice about my choice in hoodies by 30 minutes in, sweating like no other.  But it was definitely a great time.

We decided post fun that we would walk around P&L in search for some ice cream (never mind it was 29 degrees outside.  Is it EVER to cold for ice cream?  I mean seriously?!)  There was a great place hubs and I had been before that was like a diner with great malts but unfortunately they were out of business (ugh... we will miss you, Chef Burger!)  In it's place?  A stupid Whopper Bar.  As if I didn't already despise Burger King enough.

Around another corner and we came upon the most darling gelato shop ever... and it was open!  

Thirty minutes later, our bellies are full of tiramasu, Italian chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip.  Yummo!

By this time it is around 9:00 pm, and I can only attest to that by the change in patrons walking towards P&L.  Oh MY.  I thought street walkers were only out at 3 am?  And not in the busy part of downtown?  And not wearing Chanel?

Just a hint... even though your dress may cost you $900 and has Chanel all over it doesn't mean that you are classy.  I couldn't help myself by blurting out a "I'm gonna go find myself a MAN" comment in their general direction.

Thank GOD I am no longer single.  I wouldn't make it in this cruel world.  I certainly wouldn't be able to find MYSELF a man!

Happy Sunday, readers!

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