Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clearin' Out

Minimalist me is rearing her ugly head again.  Every couple of weeks she pops back up and demands attention.

I read a story about a family that built a tiny house on 20 acres about 45 minutes outside of the suburb where they currently reside.  They have two kids, one in college and one a senior in high school.  The plan originally was for the hubs to use the space as an office, but he expanded the Weekend Warrior plans (gotta have these) to include a second floor loft for the kids if they ever wanted to get away.

The tiny house was 800 square feet and he plopped it right in the middle of the 20 acres.  He and his wife had built a pond so they put the house about 15 yards away from the pond so they would have a nice wildlife type view.  

The house is fantastic.  Kitchen, dining area, living area, bedroom and bath downstairs and loft upstairs. Couldn't be cuter. Only thing he left out was a laundry closet because of course he couldn't imagine the inevitable.

They had simultaneously decided to downsize their city house (which by the way happens to be in the city in which I work) so they put it up for sale.  And it sold.  Quickly.  Guess what?  Nowhere to live.  Oh wait... we have a tiny house!

So they moved in, all four of them, to the tiny house.  Hey... you'll never guess?  They LOVED it!  Certainly smaller than their 2,800 square foot house in the city and they certainly missed their laundry room, but otherwise the space turned out to be just fine for the four of them.  It turned out to be a cute house... here is the link to the site if you want to check it out:  Little House on the Prairie.

Oh yeah, my dreams are coming true every day.  The more stories I read about this the more thrilled I am to shed the materialist crap, get rid of the huge space I have and find some love in a small, tasteful little nugget.  

Of course my biggest issue is where to land this little guy.  I'm not too thrilled about living in the middle of nowhere on 20 acres, but hubs sure is.  He would absolutely LOVE that placement.  Me?  Besides my weird fetish with all things Airstream, I think the main reason I love it on wheels is so you can move it.  I'm not sure I want to commit to a certain location.  But of course you are limited with an abode such as that.

Who knows.  For today though, I'm blissfully happy with my dreams.  I'm downpairing (my new favorite word) my kitchen cabinets this weekend.  I do not NEED 75 glasses and cups that don't match.  There are three people living in my house.  We don't use 75 glasses.  Nope.  I'm totally getting ready for the neighborhood garage sale.  There IS an advantage to living in a 'hood!

Happy hump day, friends!


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