Sunday, March 11, 2012


While I have been planning St. Pat's day ruckus and scouring the internet for something green, I totally overlooked the fact that March has descended upon me.  How did I not see this coming?  

I met hubs in late summer '92.  He was on one knee by Christmas and I was smitten.  Little did I know what was right around the corner.

The first year we were married, hubs had an interesting job that caused him to travel approximately 26 weeks a year.  It was a tough go but I think ultimately helped us make the most of every moment we had together.  Most of his travels caused him to be gone Thursday - Sunday so I didn't get much weekend time with him.  Maybe that is how I missed our first March Madness together.

But before our first anniversary, I got a glimpse of hubs passion for NCAA basketball.  He watched every single, solitary moment of basketball.  Oh, and remember... this was pre-DVR.  I'm guessing the VHS recorder was working hard.

Each year we grow older together, I somehow assume he will not be as interested in the games.  Oh to the contrary.  Not only is it getting worse (or at least it seems that way), he loves his Missouri Tigers more and more every year (as if that is even possible).

Now don't get me wrong... I'm a big basketball fan.  I love to watch a good game, especially lately with the fueled MU / KU rivalry since we are leaving the Big 12 and heading to the SEC.  But the hours and hours and hours and HOURS of basketball that will overtake my house are sometimes just to much to bear.  67 games, to be exact.  And most, if not all, will be watched in my living room this year.

And then of course insert little guy, who requires at least 50 copies of the bracket so he can simulate different outcomes.  This year I have demanded that he tape them to his hang out room's walls - I am not looking at them spread out all over the kitchen table, breakfast bar, living room, etc.  

I do have to admit though that the one thing I would never change is the conversations held between hubs and little guy.  They banter back and forth like a couple of old men sitting in rockers.  Who is seeded where, how they finished their conferences, why KU will choke before they get to Sweet Sixteen.  It's hilarious.  Sometimes I forget I a have a little guy, with his vocabulary and knowledge.  At least of all things NCAA.

Oh, and just to spice it up... little guy also simulates actual games on the bracket on his Playstation to guess the outcome.  Yep, he does.

Maybe next weekend I will inject a mani/pedi, haircut and some tanning?  Anything to feel a little feminine.. and get ready for the male smackdown in my house.

It truly is MADNESS!


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