Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Friends

I often forget how fun it is to have a little one around the house!

Last night I had an opportunity to spend some quality time with a friend's boys who are 10 and 4.  The ten year old of course is a friend of little guy so they were off and about doing "guy" stuff.  So the littlest one and I had a chance to just hang out and bond.

Usually when I see him, he will say hi but keep his ground about 5 feet away from me.  Not usually real excited about jumping in my arms like some of my neighbor little girls will do.  Other times he absolutely wants nothing to do with me and will bury his head in his momma.

Not this night!  He said hello right when he walked in the door and told me "I'm so glad to see you, Jen!" YIPPEE!  We made some progress!

Our dinnertime was the best though.  The bigger boys inhaled their pizza and ran off to spend more guy time together while the littlest guy and I hung out to chat at the table.  He is so incredible articulate and had an ease about his ability to communicate.  Maybe it's just the innocence... 4 year olds are perfect for saying exactly what they think!

Buddy:  I had to go to timeout today.

Me:  Oh no, buddy!  What happened?

Buddy:  Adrienna scratched me really hard and I didn't do anything but had to go to timeout.

Me:  Hey, that doesn't seem fair!  Why did Adrienna scratch you?  That's not very nice manners.

Buddy:  I don't know, but she did like this   and so I told Ms. Tracy and she put us both in timeout.

Me:  Oh, sometimes that happens.  If your teacher doesn't see what happened sometimes that's the fair thing to do, punish both of you.  Just in case you did do something.

Buddy:  But I didn't do anything.  I never do anything.  But I always have to go to timeout.

Ah, sweet boy.  I didn't have the heart to tell him life in general isn't fair and there will be lots of times when he is a grown up that he will have to take a time out, even when he didn't do it.

When ended our time together snuggling on the couch watching the Power Rangers.  Memories of my Bubba flooded me ~ it was his very favorite when he was little.  Unfortunately the special effects haven't gotten any better.  I cannot believe that junk is still being produced!

I wanted to snap a picture of the two of us on the couch but just couldn't bring myself to moving him off my lap and getting my phone.  That's where real life is ~ without the camera sometimes.

So I stole a pic of him off his mom's Facebook.  :) 

Oh, in case you were wondering - I really like buddy's older brother, too!  He was just way to busy to talk to me this time :).  He and my little guy were off being too cool for the parental units.

When little buddy left, he cried that he didn't want to leave.  Success (not that he cried but that he is adjusted to me!)  I gave him a hug and told him that it was sometimes sad to leave but since we were friends now we could see each other anytime we wanted!  He hugged me.  Oh, sweet bliss.

I get to spend some quality time this weekend with nugget and I cannot WAIT!  He is growing up so fast and I want to soak up every single morsel of him while he is this little.  I sure love little ones!

Happy Thursday, friends!


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