Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boys of Fall

He slowly slid into his pads, adjusting his shoulders and neck before cinching them together.  Arms high in the air, his father lowered the jersey over his pads making his new uniform complete.

He is officially a Panther.

The transition from a 3 year team of boys was not an easy one.  Long term friendships were tested.  Memories were thought of daily.  The dream of taking those boys one more year through the process was finished.  No matter what, I'm still going to miss our Pirate kids.  Those boys hold a very special place in my heart!

Making choices for your children for their own development needs is not an easy task, one that often conflicts with the parental wishes.  It is a constant struggle to keep your kid's needs above your own making certain you are placing them in the right places at the right times.

I believe we have done that with our little guy.  But not without a price.

I will stand on the sidelines today and watch my son connect his chin strap with a new group of men leading him and new players to protect him.  I pray he remembers his routes, a new experience for him in his football career.  I pray he remembers the plays that are unique to this team and doesn't revert back to our Pirate ways that have been delicately embedded into his brain the last three years.

And I pray he has fun.  Finds camaraderie with his new teammates.  And feels confident enough to do what he does best.

Three cheers for a new football season, Coopster.  Momma will be SCREAMING for you on the sidelines. I'm your biggest fan!  GO PANTHERS ~ Love these Boys of Fall!

Have a great Saturday, friends!


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  1. LOVE this post! So glad things are off to a good start with the new team!