Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Port!

We got the BEST news today!

Bub's ship is back!  After a world wide trip lasting 6 months, the Cruiser that my son is assigned is coming back home.  That means he will be HOME with my daughter!  At least for awhile, anyway.  A HUGE thank you to the Sailors aboard this fantastic Cruiser for protecting our nation!  You ROCK!

I was hyperventilating daily when faced with the fact they would be moving in a very short time and as soon as they got there, he would be leaving again.  Yes, I realize he is part of a MOBILE unit but still!  I wanted peace of mind knowing he would be with Kate for a least a little bit to get their new home settled.

I placed a new countdown on my blog but regret it already.  As if I wasn't sad enough when he left for boot, this one has much heavier meaning.  This next time I see him will be for awhile - he'll be finally leaving "home".... permanently.  With Sassy and Nugget in tow.

I can barely type that without tears.

I'm trying to channel my daughter's strength.  She is so amazing about this adventure, excited about all the new things she will experience.  I'm so jealous!  At 24 years old, I totally did NOT possess this level of independence.  Granted my mother had a stroke right after I turned 25 which drastically changed my life... but even if that hadn't have happened I'm pretty sure I would not have left my hometown.  I didn't have as much courage back then.  Not nearly as much as I do now.

Oh - and for the official "blog scrapbook".... Great Lakes Recruit Training Command posted this past week's graduating class (that would be ours)... and Jeremy is in several of the pictures!  This one happens to be my fave since he is maneuvering around and you can clearly see his face!

Third Row, next to flag carrier!

I still miss him so much.  I'm not sure that feeling is ever going to go away.

He matured 5 years while he was away.  Even his words seemed different to me.  And although he wanted to know what we had been up to for the past two months, he was steadfast in not hearing ANY drama whatsoever.  He's washed his hands of unhealthy relationships, distant family and focused entirely on his own career path, his family's future and developed an awesome optimistic outlook on his life.

I can't say it enough... I'm so proud of him.  I strive to live by his example as well!

Have a fantastic Wednesday, friends!


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