Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School vs. Sports ~ What to Do?

I absolutely love the structure fall brings to my life but get frustrated at the same time.  I'm quite fortunate in that I only manage one child's schedule but it's still so overwhelming at times. 

I'm often faced with conflicts in the schedule and I honestly never know the right choice.  It never fails that we have a convergence of a practice, a personal event (like a family birthday or something similar) and a school event on the same night.  How do other mom's solve this dilemma?  I'll tell you one thing for certain:  I don't manage it very well.  It seems I always make the wrong decision.  Better yet... I always make the decision that upsets the little guy the most.

How is that possible?

This week is no different than most.  We have a conflict.  Football practice vs. Curriculum Night at school.  Sounds easy, right?  Little guy to practice with dad, mom to school.

Not so fast.

Our school puts this parental event coupled with the fun Back to School picnic.  For the kids, of course. Crap. 

Ring the bell ~ round one with little guy will begin shortly.

He will beg me to go to the picnic.  All of his friends will be there.  He absolutely must go, don't I understand?

Yep.  I do.  He's probably right.  He should go to the school event, see his friends, relax and have a good time and I'll learn all about what he's going to learn for the year.

But what about that "commitment to the football team" thing he signed up for?  His "proof to the coaches of his dedication" deal?  Hubs typically sides with this commitment.

Insert family feud.  And I have absolutely NO idea what the "right thing to do" may be. 

I cannot possibly be the only one that endures this scenario.  What does everyone else do?  What takes precedence in your family's schedule?  And how in the WORLD do you have more than one kid with a schedule??  That seems impossible to me.

When Bubba was this age we had a third conflict - Wednesday confirmation classes.  Talk about constant guilt.  If we picked the sport event, we would upset God.  In the end we would typically lean on the "School comes first" mantra, upsetting God.  I couldn't win this battle for about three years.

And in the end, we will splinter I'm sure.  I will go to school.  Little guy will go to practice and hate me for the night. 

Ugh - being a parent is hard.  I need a vacation!

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


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  1. Who knew those situations could be so challenging. I lean toward school events; Lance, like hubs, leans toward sports. Never an easy solution. Then throw in the sibling and her wishes - ugh!!