Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seasonal Shift

Another summer complete.  No more lazy Saturdays, flexible bedtimes and late night dinners.  Changing from one swim suit into another one to head back to the pool.  Watermelon on the back patio with juice dripping from the elbows.  Red eyes from the chlorine in the water.  The smell of coconut tanning oil.  The pink skin from being in the sun all day.  Lounging on the porch to Jack Johnson music.  Watching the wonder in my two year old grandson's eyes when playing in the sprinkler.

Nope, all done.  But the memories built will last forever.

My sarcastic and funny soon to be FIFTH grader!

Onward to homework, school events, football games and fire pits.  I love my boys of fall.

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