Monday, August 27, 2012

Do ALL Dogs go to Heaven?

It's official ~ our home has been invaded.  The fur kids have taken over.

Last night while cooking dinner, hubs was surrounded by 140 lbs of fur.. in the 10x10 kitchen.  Exactly where he wants them to be.  He turned to all three of them, shaking his head slowly, and pronounced the Puppy Apocalypse was coming if they didn't hightail it out and FAST.

Lord help us.  We need an intervention!  We could use some serious psychological help for the four legged kids.

Jackson's dementia has almost permanently set in, blurring his reality between day and night, inside and outside.  Most of the time he has no idea what is happening.  On a lighter note though he always seems to be happy... even when his arthritis is rearing it's ugly head.  He is happily demented.  I like the sound of that!  He can't hear a thing we say, which is causing secondary issues.  Most days I feel so badly for him but he doesn't seem to be in any pain, so we keep chugging along.  I have absolutely NO idea when we should be having the "right time" discussion which makes me feel immensely guilty so I just bury my head and pretend it's all completely normal.

Ah, Bella.  The baby of the fam.  She has become a complete handful lately reverting back to her 7 month old self since the move in of the grandpup.  Whatever rules she once followed she has completely dismissed.  
She already barks all the time, mostly at Jackson for not listening to the rules he needs to follow.  She herds him around 24/7.  Anytime we even slightly mention his name (loudly now so he can hear us) she runs and barks in his face to get his attention.  I'm sure he likes that a ton.  He stares her down as if willing her to die or choke on her barks.  I feel as though all I do is yell at her for barking, which I'm sure is working since she keeps barking anyway.  And she will NOT let Henry near me without a full on barkfest to let him know how she feels about it.

Henry.  I am truly falling for this bundle of breath.  The poor child cannot catch his breath to save his life snorting all over the place wheezing as if an imminent heart attack is awaiting.  But his eyes are so sweet (even though I still can't tell where he's looking).  He's really smart ~ one day and he knew where we would keep his food, his bed and his leash.  He goes to the door and howls anytime he needs out.  He walks gently around Jackson, either fearing his size or understanding his challenges.  And he full on RUNS from Bella who is bark attacking him every second of the day.
I guess the furkids act just like human kids.... the stubborn, independent first born, the baby of the family and the temporarily adopted one.
Please pray for the safety of the pups.  All of us our at our wits end with these three bad kids and may snap at any time and put them in time out.  As if that's even going to work.  Does anyone have Cesar Millan's hotline number?

Have a great Monday friends!



  1. Ugh - sorry! The grandpug will be gone soon and hopefully things can go back to normal! I know his ankle biting tendencies can be a bit overwhelming!

  2. If I did, I would already have called him for help with my psycho. Ahh, poor Annabelle. lol