Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Way out West

It's official.  My kids have a house in San Diego!

Sassy got the call this week that their housing choice is open and awaiting their arrival.  We are so blessed - some Sailors have to sit on wait lists a long while to get into their housing selection.   

Not a bad area of the country I'd say.

I'm hyperventilating again.  Bub gets out of apprentice school just in time to get home, get Kate and E and take off for California.  I will get no time with him... or them.

Ah crap.

Layer in the fact that he will be gone before his birthday, definitely gone by hubs and little guy's birthdays (yes, I'm surrounded by Libras) and I'm totally not happy about this.

Oh, and while he is traveling 2,000 miles west, I'll be traveling 2,000 miles east for a business trip.

On a side note ~ I asked bestie what to do.  And as always, she is brilliant and told me exactly what I needed to do to take off the anxiety.

I reached out to my good friend in San Francisco. 

LL and I worked together in my prior firm and she is my soul sister in the west.  I told her my kids were coming and I wanted her to watch over them (she travels significantly throughout the state and spends a great deal of time in SD).  I know she would be there for me anytime I need her and she would do the same for my kids.

Thank god - they are not alone.

Not that they ever were.

I'll get the hang of this eventually.  After they have lived there for 20 years maybe.  Bub already has 30 year old goals set so it's gonna be a long journey!

Happy hump day, friends!


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