Friday, August 17, 2012


Another Friday, another round of faves!  Hope you fall in love with them as much as I did!


I'm a HUGE fan of the Keep Calm posters.  They really do remind me to just chill out and stop worrying about stupid stuff.

In honor of little guy's first football game next week, here you go!  I cannot WAIT to watch him play!  No more holding chains, running water bottles or worrying my mind off about every player on the team getting what they need.  This year... I'm a spectator!  GO PANTHERS!


Our newest house guest has provided us endless kisses, cuddles and howls.  We love him so much... even if he can't breathe very well.  Hubs thinks he needs to go see an ENT. 

My Bella still isn't speaking to me very much.  Oh well, she'll get over it.


Hubs and I went to Hawaii in 2004 and haven't stopped talking about our trip still.  I think it would be awesome to go there next summer, don'tcha think, hubs?

Kauai, Hawaii Sugar Plantation Flume


I absolutely LOVE Miranda.  I have loved her since I first saw her on the second stage at Yallapallooza when absolutely NOBODY knew who she was in 2008.  Anybody that can don a wife beater and shit kickers and look this good has my vote!  Oh, and put the rifle in her hand and she's my new BFF!  I wonder if she has ever considered Bounty work?


I'm so ready for fall weather and layering season!  Bring on the jeans!!  I've always been a fan of fall colors - golds, greens, browns and purples.  I can't wait to drag it all out of the back of the closet.


I absolutely had to post this.  Recently, my ex-husband's (of 21 years) 4th wife has attempted to start arguments with me via my blog.  She's retarded if she thinks I will entertain her for one moment. 

How do I navigate this situation?  Well, she certainly can't argue with herself (although if anyone could, it would be her)!  I'll go ahead and be the better person and not participate in her drama.


I have a friend who does this and I'm totally going to do one!  I have saved all of my oldest son's sports shirts/jerseys so I'm going to have her put them into a quilt for him for his little guy.

Can't wait!

(oh, and selfishly ~ I could totally do this with all of my race t-shirts.  I have accumulated a ton of them in the last 4 years!)


We have fire pit driveway parties a TON in the fall in our 'hood.  Always scrambling to get out the s'more stuff for the kiddos, smearing marshmallow everywhere. 

Next one we have, I'm totally whipping these together.  LOVE the idea!  Click here for the walk through:  Caramel Marshmallows


I love, love, love boot season!  I can feel it coming in just a matter of weeks and I cannot WAIT!  I wonder if I can find some knock offs just like these to add to my collection?


This is exactly how I feel right now.  As you are reading this, I'm at my son's boot camp graduation.

I'm so proud and happy.  All is right!

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!


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  1. LOVE the Keep Calm poster. Can't wait for the season to begin!