Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Who doesn't love a pool party?

Our end to the baseball season seemed to come so abruptly, but then again the tournament seemed to take forever.  I guess that's what happens when you become the champions!  Don't these just look like professional MLB players?

We had an awesome party for the kiddos on Sunday at a local pool - a perfect setting for a group of rambunctious 10 year old boys.  Mos of our team has been together for 4+ years, so these boys have become quite great friends with one another.  Obviously.

And I still cannot express enough how in LOVE we are with our head coach.  Yep, I'm still talking about it.

We have to go into "draft" next year (this is an every two year process).  It always makes me hold my breath, praying we can all be together still.  I don't envy our coach at all - it takes great finesse through the draft system to try to keep our boys as one.  With this much fun, who wouldn't still want to be together?

The end of the season.  End of another summer.  But always remembered.  Little guy was honored with a special Babe Ruth baseball card from coach for hitting 2 home runs this season.  Way to go, buddy!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


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