Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brave Little Toaster

Watching Act of Valor while my son is in the Navy may not have been my wisest choice to date.

Obviously, the movie shadows pretty rockin' awesome men.  Navy Seals.  Amazing dedication to the country they love and the freedom they protect.  Crazy brave if you ask me.

Kicked back with an ice cold beer after a days work, I am humbly reminded that my chores (or my job) do not really require me to act with bravery.   In fact, probably my highest amount of bravery required at any given time is in the fashion of confrontation... my nemesis.  Geesh... what a pansy.

It's about time for me to do something brave.  A good friend of mine just finished his final pilot test last week.  He does a bunch of jumps for people looking for some adventure.

I think that may just be right up my alley.  I'm pretty sure it will make me conjure up some bravery.

Now if I can just find my life insurance paperwork.  It is important to keep that information up to date.

Have a great Sunday night, friends.  Go forth and be brave!!


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