Sunday, August 05, 2012

Tires are AWESOME!

I love the innocence of the young.  I'm always a tad bit envious of watching firsts unwind for my little guy.  His genuine excitement, insatiable appetite for learning, fear of the unknown.... it is amazing to watch the young's journey through life.

It certainly puts things into perspective.

Most parents would pay a zillion dollars if there were a manual of instructions to raising children. It is by far the toughest job we will ever complete on earth.  We are given a beautiful little bundle and are required to teach them values, morals, behavior and attitude.  It is solely up to the guardians of these little ones to steer them correctly in their developing years.  Our actions directly impact the adult human beings these children will become.  What a giant responsibility.

Little guy sat across from us this weekend with various plates of sushi surrounding him.  He was intrigued, wanting to know how the chef made those beautifully plated concoctions.  Afraid of their ingredients but interested in the process.  Ah, my future engineer.  He always wants to know how something is created ~ minute details, please.

I had to replace two tires this weekend  (on BOTH cars.. ugh) and little guy accompanied me into the shop area to speak with the mechanic.  As we walked through the giant garage doors, his eyes became saucers.  He could barely contain his energy as his eyes shifted quickly from left to right.  He finally burst in excitement.

CD:  Mom, LOOK at all of this!  This is amazing!  This is exactly what I want to do when I grow up!
Me:  Yes, honey.  It's way cool.  I'm sure daddy will love your aspirations to change tires at Wal-mart when you grow up.
CD:  Yes, this is awesome.  This is so cool.  I totally want to work here.

See... innocent.  I love that.  I almost hate that the world will try to smash this from him, this genuine excitement allowing him to dream of anything he could possibly be.

I'm so happy I was there to watch his eyes light up.  It's these little moments that I truly cherish in being a mother.  I'm so blessed to be part of his life.

Have a great Sunday, friends.


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