Monday, August 06, 2012

Bring it on, Hank

All grandkids need love.  Even the furry ones.

As crazy and chaotic as our house is most of the time, we have welcomed in one of our grandkids to help out Bub and Kate for a few weeks before they move. 

Hank has been in the family for I think around 4 years now (the kids got him before they got married).  As a self professed "big dog" lover I was not totally thrilled when they picked him up, truth be told.

He snorts.  He breathes loudly, panting as if in the throws of a heart attack.  His bark is well.... not really a bark.  More of a howl.

My relationship with Henry has always been a bit at arms length.  I love that the kids have a dog and I love that he brings them joy.  I usually leave it at that.  When visiting, I pray he doesn't jump on me and gauge me with his razor sharp toenails.  I shake my head trying to figure out which eye to make contact with most of the time.  We choose to exist separately not really acknowledging each other much.

Until now.

Yes, he still snorts.  Yes, he breathes like he's dying.  And yes, he howls.

But darn if he isn't cute... in his own way.

I sat on the couch last night loving all over this little guy and looked into his crazy eyes.  He really is quite sweet.  He tries to nuzzle, he is soft as fleece and follows me all around the house as I move about.  He loves little guy and is so excited to go for long walks with him.  And he even tolerates my two cranky furry kids.

Having a house guest is always a bit of a transition, but I think this one will turn out okay.  I hope I don't fall in love with him just in time for them to leave.  But I have a feeling I might.... a little bit, anyway.  Especially since I know in my heart how much my son loves this little furball.

Happy Monday, friends!  


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