Monday, August 13, 2012


I am realizing more and more how incredibly OLD I am.  Not old in how I look necessarily but old in how I FEEL.  My body is ANGRY with me!

We had an incredible weekend at the homestead filled with friends and fun galore.  Pictures always tell the story so I'll throw up a few for those of you not on facebook and you'll get an idea.

Working hard definitely has its advantages.  A group of coworkers and I had a great opportunity last month to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters by participating in a bowling event.  Being the social director that I am, I insisted we wear costumes.  I mean seriously... who wouldn't want to dress up to bowl? We were the Role Models (aptly named) and each of us was either a BIG or a LITTLE. 

And of COURSE we won first prize for costumes!  Woo hoo!  We were rewarded with Chiefs tickets!

Friday night, a few of said team members and I took out for the festivities.  I absolutely love football - the turf, the spirit, the energy at the stadium is absolutely off the hook!  I cannot wait to hit more games this year!

TZ, me and Lynne :)
Saturday was a true test to my endurance level.  We threw our 4th annual End of the Summer (Back to School) party for the kiddos in our 'hood.  Each year we try to out do the prior year and I'm pretty certain we hit one out of the park ~ as far as the kids were concerned, anyway.

Some of my FAVE shots from the day:

MY Michael Phelps with the 6 foot wingspan (at 10!)

Boys will be boys.... I mean MEN.  or Dads.  Come on, wouldn't you want these guys to be YOUR dad?

Source of fun - 54 feet long, 22 feet high, 15 feet wide.  Tsunami!

Fab Four ~ Original EC Girls!
We finished up the weekend with school shopping and pure exhaustion.  Oh, and throw in a paintball party for little guy.  We were all wiped out last night and couldn't even keep our eyes open much past 9:00 pm.

Marathon training resumed today with a beautiful 4 mile run with hubs in the 67 degree weather. As much as I worship the sun, love the water and fun that summer brings, I am totally ready for the Missouri fall weather.  What a great time of year to train!
Have a great Monday, friends!


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