Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On The Edge of Glory

Last week my daughter and I held our breath for almost 12 hours.

Bub had to take his final exams at boot camp ~ a 12 hour endurance test called Battle Stations.

Battle Stations is the culminating event of Navy Boot Camp.  It's designed to wrap everything a Recruit has learned about swimming survival, teamwork, fire fighting, damage control and more into one massive 12 hour hands-on exercise.  They started at 7:00 pm Thursday and went through 7:00 am Friday morning.

Everything I have read says that Recruits say Battle Stations are their best experience in boot camp.  I don't know about that... I'm not sure I would love tear gas, friends.

Or this.

A ceremony is held at the end of the exercise and when a Recruit receives his hat he/she knows that they've become a Sailor.  They remove their Recruit hats and place their Navy hats upon their heads.

And that is when my son called.  He completed Battle Stations and let us know that he is officially a United States Sailor. My son is a Sailor.

Each time I think I can't be more proud, I am.

Oh, and for those of you wondering.... this is a real kid.  I just didn't have this blog created when he was in high school.  Thank god.  My entries would have looked much different!

Have a great Tuesday, friends!  At least we don't have to get tear gassed today!


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