Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baseball Momma's Pride

Our little guy's baseball team won the first round of their tournament last night!  Woo hoo!  I cannot wait until baseball season is over... so we can start football season!  Actually, this is the only time of year we are dying as both sports overlap.  Not in a nice way, either.  Football conditioning during baseball tournaments is TOUGH.  But somehow, this adorable little thing living in my house doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

Coop took on a new position this year:  pitching.  He absolutely loves it.  There were some games early in the season that he started and was timid, a bit nervous and overall stressful.  As the season progressed, Coach worked diligently with Coop to find his perfect pitch.  He asked him a lot of questions about how he FELT during the game.  He totally gets my kid!  After awhile, they both discovered he gets to nervous starting the game.  He is much happier coming in towards the end of the game.  Ah... a closer is born.

The team we played last night is notorious for holding their bats.  When they fall down in runs, the coaches actually instruct their kids to hold their bats on their shoulders.  Don't swing.  It's pretty distracting to a pitcher!  When Coop came in to close, they held their bats.  The boys started walking, filling the bases and walking in runs.  He should have completely freaked out.

But he didn't.

Nope, my sweet boy pushed through.  Coach talked to him from the dugout, providing snip its of encouragement.  Doing great, Coop.  Do what you do.  You've got this.

And he did.

We were able to keep our win by the 5th inning when time expired.  And my little guy delivered the last strike.

I'm one proud baseball momma.  Without a minivan.

Coop loves leaving the ballpark in our convertible, top down, yelling bye to his friends.  Back to his little 10 year old self.  Not so serious.  Just fun.

Onward to Wednesday's game!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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