Monday, July 23, 2012

Trouble out West

Ah - so glad to be back to my blog.  It is strange when I schedule a week in posts as I feel I haven't written forever.  I have bee super busy with little guy's baseball tournament, travel to Denver and work stuff.  I can't wait to get back to a simpler schedule?  Oh yeah, I don't have one of those.  Ever.

This weekend was so bittersweet for me.  As my sweet daughter and I took out to journey to Denver to visit family on Friday morning the news was breaking the shooting story in Aurora (very close to my sister's home).  Our drive was still fantastic, but within 20 minutes of arrival at sis' house we were barraged with more news of the event.  Every local and national channel ran the story the entire weekend.  My brother in law is a Fire Chief and first responder so he awoke Friday at 1:00 am with the call ~ mass casualties in Aurora.  So bad.

Kate and I stayed pretty busy with our fam this weekend but there were still a lot of discussions surrounding the event.  The best debate was Friday night, surrounding the shooter's rights.  Why does he have any?  How can this not be his fault?  Could he possible get off on some mental health plea? 

It's exhausting to talk about, truthfully.  As citizens, we have no power in a situation such as this.  There is literally nothing that we could have done to prepare or prevent this from happening.  It is a situation that is completely in God's hands.  As friends and family mourn over their lost ones, our only recourse is to pray the legal system works swiftly and justly for them.  We pray those injured find strength in healing.  We pray this never happens again.

And then we go on living.  Because it's all we can do.  Unless we want to become agoraphobic. 

Despite the horrible event of last week, our weekend was filled with family love, laughs and fun.  We hiked.  We ate.  We played HOURS of Farkle (which I HIGHLY recommend... way fun!)  Kate and I giggled like school girls having a sleepover at bedtime, not wanting to close our eyes and go to sleep and miss any fun.

On my sister's property

We arrived home last night to a letter from Jer.  He put in his official request on where he wanted to be stationed.  We've been told it's sort of "suggestive" - if you say you want east coast, you get west.  If you say you want west, you get east.  I'm not really certain if that is truth or just coincidence, but either way he put in for west of the Mississippi.  His instructor has alluded (totally alleged at this point) that most likely will be his destination.

I'm not sure why my head tries to convince me that California is farther away from me than Florida, but it sure plays tricks on me.  I guess it's because I've driven Florida but never driven further west than Colorado.  I'm sure they are equal distance... we are right in the middle of the country after all.

So it's settling in.  They are moving.  Shortly.  Ah, deep breath.  This will be hard.  Very hard.

But what an awesome way to spend Christmas... at the BEACH!

Happy Monday, friends! 


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