Sunday, July 15, 2012

For the Love of the Game

I love baseball.  My kid's baseball, to be exact.  I have a pretty fantastic reason.

Bubba played baseball every summer from t-ball to lettering in high school.  He had at least 5 different coaches as a little guy and a group of them as a middle school/high school kid.  There were some nice dad's with some baseball knowledge.  Truthfully though, none of them truly motivated Jer very much.  He played baseball because he loved it.  He loved the camaraderie of his team.  He played catcher and felt great responsibility for executing integral plays correctly.  He had a love for the game.

Coop, however, is having the luckiest streak a boy could have.  My only true explanation is that the stars aligned and placed a very special individual in our path to lead our son.  He is in his sixth year of baseball (including t-ball) and has been lucky enough to play for one coach.  Yep, ONE coach.  In rec league.  

The very best thing about this consistency is that he knows my son. REALLY knows him.  He knows exactly what he is capable of doing and he expects it from him every at bat, every moment on the mound and every step on a base.  He tells him to be calm when he needs him to relax, gently pushes when Coop needs to focus and delegates responsibility in the dugout of rallying his teammates.  The more he expects of Coop the more he delivers.  He has tremendous respect for my son, and my son of him. 

We are so blessed.  I never take for granted when special people surround my kids and care about them as much as I do.

Our team finished in second place in the regular season.  My son has perfected his swing and pitch this year.  And he didn't just do it for himself and his team... he did it for his coach.

So big shout out to Mr. Greg Carr for all his countless hours of work with these boys, consistent and motivating communication with us parents and a never ending love for the game.  As we move into tournament, just know we've got your back as much as you've got ours and our boys!  The boys will give you all they have and show you their heart.  Because you always do it for them.

Happy Sunday, friends!


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