Sunday, July 08, 2012

Thrown a Life Line

Woot woot ~ he is still alive!!

Katie received a three page letter from Jeremy this week. What a HUGE relief!  Obviously it's not as great as hearing his voice or seeing his smile but it gave her (and me) a big feeling of relief to get acknowledgement that he is still with us.  Apparently he had to shine his boots for FOUR HOURS to get the ability to mail her the letter.  No wonder our mailbox isn't overflowing with correspondence!!

No, that isn't him.  Just a random pic...

We are moving into the third week of camp and thus far he is hanging in very well.  He told Kate that two recruits tried to run away from base in the first week and were picked up 10 miles from base and taken back to camp.  Ugh.  I wouldn't want to be those kids.  I'm sure that didn't go very well.

He has a female Drill Sergent.  Hmmm.  Well, I think I prepared him well for that!

I am such a different mom today than I was when he was little.  Such a weird experience.  Imagine what you would be like if you raised a child and then as a more mature adult, did it again?  It's honestly like a "do over" most days, trying to recall and understand where I could have done better the first time and make adjustments along the way.  Very odd, but sometimes quite rewarding.  I am often proud of my ability to handle situations so much better than I did the first go around.

Poor Bub got what I refer lovingly now to as the "Manic Mom".  I was a yeller.  If he did something wrong, I would lecture him for EVER.  I would make lists of his punishments (stuff he was grounded from).  It was ridiculous.  What did I know?  I was just shy of 18 when he was born and I was a stupid kid.  So instead of reading books on "how to raise a kid", asking my fellow mom friends (because I didn't have ANY)  or researching online (because there wasn't one... Gore hadn't invented the internet yet), I did what a lot of young mom's do and I copied my parents without question.

My Dad was the lecturer. He could spend hours dissecting my bad decisions and informing me of what I should have done and handing down my consequences.  My Mom?  She yelled.

Yep, copy cat.

Back to Jer - he says the food is good, he's getting 8 hours of sleep every night and he misses Kate and Eli.  Exactly what I would expect him to say.

He did pass his swim test with flying colors, no surprise to me.  Maybe he will be a rescue swimmer?  Who knows!

So three weeks down.  He's still alive and they haven't kicked him out yet.  Proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about him anymore.  I am excited to hear how they spent the 4th at camp... I bet it was one heck of a celebration!

Happy Sunday, friends!


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