Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's 5:00 Somewhere...

Hola, senor and senoritas!

Yep, that is almost my extent of memory from 3 years of Spanish.  Oh, and uno cerveza, por favor.  I got that one down.  Guess I'm not moving to Mexico anytime soon!

I found through the Tiny House Blog community a fantastic story.  I loved it so much I started to follow this woman's blog.  She performed the ultimate in downsizing and lived to tell her story.

Gabriella and her husband moved from their pacific northwest home to Baja, Mexico.  Alongside them in their journey was their 12 year old daughter, Terra.  Their quest?  To simplify and reconnect with things that mattered most to them.

They lived there for 5 months.  In a pop-up trailer.  With their dog.  And no Internet (in the home, anyway).

Click here to read more from Gabriella: Small House Revolution

Some of you may be reading right now thinking "You've GOT to be kidding me!  NO WAY would I ever survive that!"

I bet you could.

The Gen Xers are an awesome group of peeps.  I'm so thrilled to be in this generation.  The Boomers have blazed a trail of negative press in front of us, especially with their normal desire to just retire.  As you know, they are going to suck the life (and money) right out of the system.  There are just WAY to many of them.  And it doesn't help that they came from big families with tons of sibs.

But the Gen Xers?  Well, we are lucky to be in the movement of only children or two kid homes.  We rose up through the 70s and 80s during good economic times.  We watched our Boomer parents (well, not MINE ~ I'm the baby of 4 in a big spread so mine were actually the generation ahead of the Boomers) spend money, save money and work hard for the things they wanted.   

Hubs and I took the first step (sans our best vacay to date, the Elusive Cabin in the Woods) and actually scoped out what could be a tiny home.  It was quite interesting, to say the least.  The building was four walls, windows, doors and a roof.  Studs on the inside, spaces had not been created yet.  It was an open floor plan with two lofts above our heads. 

Our minds were spinning.  This is where I would put the kitchen (what's really needed in a kitchen - a stove, a fridge and a sink).  Coop wanted to know where we would put the microwave.  Very 10 year old perspective.  Thinking about where to put the bathroom.  The living space.  It was all a bit overwhelming!

The two loft areas were pretty spacious.  We could put a bed (sans frame) on either loft area.  Standing up?  Well, that might be a chore.  Walking in the "living room" area was tight for hubs.  To bad he's 6'1"... pray for shrinking in his old age.  I personally love the lofts but think we only need one.  Guests?  Well, they can sleep on our pull out couch, given we have one.  We can have something that converts into a bed.  Or just rent a hotel room for them!
Front door, back room (behind Tim) possibly kitchen.  First loft (stairs would go on the wall next to Coop)

Second loft, living room area.  Second set of doors (barn style).  We would put in glass sliding doors probably.  Don't think we'd keep a second loft (or at least this giant of one... not really necessary except for storage possibly)

We could see it.  We could feel it.  We could envision a great space.  Put in extra windows here.  Maybe solar panels to cut back on electric costs.  Use different materials on the roof. 

The best part of the experience?  My son.  Obviously this plan is for when he is moved onto college. At least that's our intention.  But he totally wanted to join in with us.  We could put our rocker here, mom.  My room could be on this side, mom.  Would we live here on this dealer lot, mom?

Not exactly, little guy.  We could put our house where ever we want in the world.  How awesome is that?

So we have a lot of ideas.  We are starting our research.  Honestly, I'd love for us to build it ourselves.  It can totally be done, I have faith.  I'm giving it to God - he will guide us correctly! 

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


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